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Genise Shelton + White Rose! We are excited to announce that Mrs. Genise Shelton of Bravo’s Married to Medicine has officially partnered with the film.


Check out all of the behind the scenes action. Meet the phenomenal cast of White Rose and follow the process from casting call to premiere!

Olori Swank

JAIDO Design Studio is featured in the Special Edition 2018 issue of IMPACT Magazine! Click the read more link below to check out our 2-page spread!

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A John Estrada story…

Imagine a world where you lose it ALL… The family placed in your life to love and guide you are now gone forever. What would you do if  you found out that the people who promised to protect you were the very ones on assignment to derail you from your destiny?

White Rose takes you front row and center into the life of Mia Robinson. A very resilient pre-teen African-American girl who faces the biggest obstacle of her entire life before she even enters high school. Life as she knows it comes to a screeching halt as she is forced to fight for her very survival.


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