Production for She Knows has come to a close. We’re so excited for you to see all of the on set magic that was created during the 4 Day shoot. The video is set to be released by late November.

Kayea X Mundo

Kayea is an up and coming artist based out of Atlanta, Ga. He is a singer, songwriter and skilled in playing several instruments, his love lies with the guitar and piano. Kayea expresses his creativity in many ways outside of music. He has written, directed, and produced two musicals, as well as a web series, “Great Day to be Saved”.

Munndo is an artist based out of the metro Atlanta area. Creative of a unique sound that is both inspiring and uplifting for listeners to enjoy. Munndo strives to become one of the most influential artists of his time.  

Kayea & Munndo presents to you She Knows. A fun song telling the tale about a young man’s experience with a young woman that he just couldn’t resist. Directed by Kadè Hill, this “entanglement” is a modern day rendition of a Hebrew Proverb brought to life through a catchy melody, stunning visuals and dramatic storyline.  Be on the lookout for the new saucy wave!  Join the ride and follow their journey to success. Changing the world for the better. As they like to say, “it’s a bop”! If you haven’t heard it yet. What are you waiting for? “Come “bop” with us”!