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Meet the Cast

Amauriah Davis

Mia Robinson

Mia is forced to fight for her survival while everything around her is falling apart. She is very naive and trusting at first but life forces her to grow thick skin quickly.

Henriette Zoutomou

Carmen Martinez

She’s very charismatic, dramatic and funny. She is hiding a very dark and dangerous secret that even Shirley knows nothing about.

Robin Antoinette

Nicole Harris

She portrays herself to be a kind hearted business woman but behind closed doors she’s the ring leader of a child sex-trafficking escort service.

Jessica Lamour

Mia Robinson (adult)

Mature and soft spoken. She is very career driven and determined to recover everything that her past has stolen from her.

Jai Santiago

James Porter

The director for the Georgia Department of child services. He’s very compassionate, caring, loving and has a passion for his job.

Kate Phares

Kim Harris

Willie and Nicole’s adopted daughter who is often sad and depressed. She's the product of a failed system.

McDaniel Austin

Willie Harris

Nicole’s husband and business partner. He has a very dry sense of humor and believes in doing things by any means necessary.

Kristen Hallom

Shirley Robinson

Refugio Lopez

Peter Ortiz

Danielle Madison

Jasmine Williams

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