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How a small band of innovators brought movie magic to millions.

Welcome to JAIDO Studios, a full scaled production and design company located in Snellville, Georgia. Our founder Kadè Hill, started this company with the mission of creating captivating stories that break common barriers and reinvents the way people of color are represented in the media today. Our production journey began in 2012 with the creation of “The Industry“. Since then we have expanded our innovative team and are now able to create film, TV shows, music videos and promotional commercials from concept to post-production.

Our studio is conveniently broken into two separate entities which are tailored to meet both your entertainment and business needs. Unlike our production side, JAIDO Design Studio specializes in the design and development of websites, logos, stationary, business branding and mobile applications. We have had the pleasure of creating marketing content for many different industries. Our clientele ranges from government offices and celerities to schools and small business fitness apparel. We’ve been featured in Impact Magazine and our founder was listed as one of their women of Impact.

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