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Meet Kadé Hill

Kadé Hill

JAIDO Studios, helmed by the multifaceted Kadé Hill, epitomizes a fusion of creativity and innovation. Kadé, an accomplished writer, director, producer, mentor, design engineer, web/app developer, and AI Prompt Engineer, brings a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in design, fashion, and film. Her mission? To illuminate and redefine the portrayal of people of color in modern media. She’s committed to crafting compelling narratives that not only break conventional boundaries but also reimagine the representation of people of color in contemporary media landscapes.

At the heart of JAIDO Studios lies the convergence of Kadé’s myriad passions, seamlessly integrated into a singular, dynamic entity. Our studio is strategically divided into two specialized divisions, each dedicated to exceeding your entertainment expectations. Based in Snellville, Georgia, we are a robust production house with a journey that commenced in 2012 with our inaugural project, “The Industry.” Since then, our team’s ingenuity has only soared. We now proudly offer a comprehensive range of services, from developing to producing films, TV shows, music videos, and promotional commercials, covering every stage from initial concept to post-production.

Marking a strategic pivot in our journey, we made the decision to conclude the design facet of JAIDO Studios as of August 1, 2021. This shift allows us to channel our focus and resources more exclusively towards revolutionizing the entertainment domain, staying true to our core vision of innovative storytelling and groundbreaking representation.

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