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Meet Kadé Hill

Kadé Hill

Writer, director, producer, mentor, design engineer and web/app developer are just some of the many hats worn by JAIDO STUDIOS founder, Kadé Hill. With over a decade plus in the design, fashion and film industries, Kadé feels it is now time to represent people of color in a new light. Her goal is to create captivating stories that break common barriers and reinvents the way that people of color are represented in today’s media.

JAIDO Studios is the product of all of her passions merged into one. Our studio is conveniently broken into two separate entities which are tailored to meet your entertainment needs. We are a fully functional production company located in Snellville, Georgia. Our production journey began in 2012 with the creation of “The Industry“. Since then we have expanded our innovative team and are now able to create film, TV shows, music videos and promotional commercials from concept to post-production.

We’ve made the executive decision to discontinue the design side of Jaido Studios as of August 1, 2021.

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